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However, researchers discovered that mothers with addictions showed a striking pattern of decreased activation in these same brain regions when viewing happy face images of their own infant. The findings suggest a neurobiological reason for drug-addicted mothers finding it difficult to meet all their infants' needs. She added that public health officials need to start prioritizing research into the neurobiological relationship between substance addictions and impaired maternal responses. Better understanding, she said, may facilitate earlier and more refined interventions to help support mothers with substance addictions and the infants in their care.

Drugs crush a woman's maternal instinct, new brain scans reveal. Share this article Share.

The Joy of a Baby Calf – Buzzard's Beat

Share or comment on this article: Iowa Uni: women who take drugs 'lose maternal instinct' e-mail Most watched News videos Boris Johnson says Britain 'will have its mojo back' after Brexit Moment giant cruise ship lost control and almost crashed into port Police officer slams woman's head into her car during arrest Crazy moment massive flood waters pour into DC metro tunnel Kerry Katona's daughter performs emotional dance after dad dies Children scream as two families get into shocking brawl at Disneyland CCTV of Salih Khater driving at police officers in Westminster Rescue workers search for bodies after Himalayas avalanche Snoop Dogg says the USWNST should get paid 'k per player' Bizarre moment a man lands on the roof of a car at auto dealer Spectacular moment hundreds of horses spiral together at festival Final moments of mountaineers seen before Himalayas avalanche.

More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Today's headlines Most Read Mother, 41, has 'lost her smile' after a golf-ball sized brain tumour she developed at just nine years old Teen are LESS likely to use marijuana in states with recreational use laws, study finds Wendy Williams is diagnosed with swelling condition lymphedema which requires her to sit at a decompression The constant vomiting and defecation, as well as the pain and permanent damage done to the body during birth are terrifying. No more unplanned pregnancies means every child would be a wanted child.

Unless of course, you think hundreds of thousands of children waiting to be adopted is a really, really good thing? The human race would not die out without unplanned pregnancies, but it would definitely be much smaller. Many countries with family planning are not replacing their population - i. If that pattern were repeated across the world the human race would actually die out.

I make no judgement about that not sure that I care that much either way - it's just an observation. I do think children should be wanted - but most unplanned children are well-loved by their parents and sadly, many planned children are not actually well-cared for. So it's just not that simple. People think they want something - but the reality is different. I think contraceptive will change evolution, because in time only the people who want children will be the ones to pass their gene on.

The ironic twist to this is the English didn't like children, apparently , it's only been recently that the magazines, particularly in Australia only focus on the stars having babies. It's like it's the most wonderful thing in the world, but culturally, the attitude has been different from country to country. My aunt swears she never wanted children, and had a hysterectomy, but the rumour is it was really her English husband.

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My mother said that in the 60s the concern was more about overpopulation. I was taught in Sociology that the maternal instinct is socialised. You can believe what you want in this world. Hi there. I have always had some sort of drive to have children.. I remember I've always felt uncomfortable around people in general.. I've basically always thought to myself that I simply don't feel comfortable with other people's children but that I'don't be great having my own.

Women who take drugs lose their maternal instinct, brain scans reveal

I felt confident and know even now that I can be good. I 'used' my maternal drive since I was a little girl. I lived on an old farm and would rescue kittens and nurture them every time the opportunity was there. I was really, really good. I would also help cows have their young if I saw they were struggling in the woods and well.. Since then, I've had 5 miscarriages. I feel changed in such a tragic way today.

I lost a baby after the next and felt lost and depressed again and again. I didn't quite know what was going on with my body.. I felt More and more. When people would say 'oh I'm so sorry' i'don't tell them I was fine. I knew deep down I didn't mean it. I knew something was different about me. And I realized today what it is. I lost my drive. This drive that has kept me going all these years.

Take care around cows: warning for walkers

This drive that defined so much of myself and what I do. It's gone. No drive to move on and i'my confused.

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  • The Cow: A Mother's Instinct Kicks In.
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Will this drive ever come back? I don't want children anymore.. And I am sincerely okay with that. But how am I supposed to move on exactly? I feel we all need some kind of drive to live, because I've become suicidal over this. What other drives can a person have? I am searching for a way to live WITH what has happened. I want to accept it if you confirm to me that this drive won't come back.. It sounds like the tragedy of 5 miscarriages has destroyed your drive. Having so many is psychologically traumatic. One is hard enough and women feel distraught and can fall into depression.

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  5. Having 5 is a lot. Have you been tested for any possible conditions to cause this? I have never had an urge to have children of my own. Ever since I was little I always knew I wanted to adopt. That's how I saw myself having children. It's many years later and I'm married and have been with my husband for many years. I thought that the urge to have children would start coming as I approached my 30s, but I'm getting there and I still don't have it.

    Lifetime Movie - Maternal Instinct

    I had an unusual childhood, wasn't exposed to the normal childhood experience as much which gave me a much wider view of the world at a young age. I was never around children, and am still not, so I have no idea if it's something I would want to do. Even though I'm very caring and can see the maternal instinct in myself, I have a hard time seeing myself with children. I'm feeling quite lost in my decisions, especially when I can see my internal clock in the distance. Has anybody been where I'm at before? Any words of wisdom? Thank you in advance. I was the same as you are now. Agonised in this decision.

    I'm a few years ahead of you- mid 30s.

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    As I reached 33 I started to feel a biological decline overall. I'm sure this also applies to my dwindling egg supply. I now need more sleep, my body heals slower All reasons to not have kids. My husband and I were both very nonchalant abou the whole thing. I think your partner does affect the decision so keep talking to him about it. I outlined in a very logical manner what I needed from him.

    We had already decided I would need to stay home based on our incomes. There were more things though. This included being around all weekend for family time and being home from work ready to help out.

    A Mothers Guide to Calving

    He wasn't prepared for that. I wasn't prepared to be soley responsible- as I lacked the drive I became quite Spock-like in my logical deductions around the demands of parenting. Now just before my 34th birthday we have finally decided "no". He says cervical stimulation is crucial for proper hormonal triggers, as stretching or stimulation of the cervix and birth canal causes release of oxytocin.

    Additionally, first-calf heifers produce less oxytocin than experienced cows. While some heifers seem initially indifferent to their calves, they become more motherly within hours as their milk comes in. If a heifer is indifferent or actively rejects her calf, assisting the calf in nursing generally helps a heifer become more receptive, as it stimulates release of oxytocin. The dam reacts to sensory clues provided by the calf and birth fluids.

    In fact, Stookey explains in a study, in which he tracked more than cows and heifers that required veterinary assistance C-section or pull , he found that a significantly higher percentage of calves judged as weak at birth were rejected, compared to calves judged average or strong. Females that had difficult deliveries and required human assistance more often reject their calves. If you pull a calf, it helps to smear birth fluids across the muzzle and tongue of the dam following delivery.

    Simply placing the newborn in front of the mother may not be sufficient stimulus to start maternal behavior, especially for some first-calf heifers. Pouring feed onto a newborn calf may entice some reluctant mothers to approach the calf and eventually come in contact with birth fluids as they eat the feed, he adds. Jack Whittier, Colorado State University Extension beef specialist, says that allowing cows and heifers plenty of room can help prevent problems.

    If older cows intimidate a heifer, she may not mother her calf. In fact, determining which females to help and which to leave alone comes with experience and understanding of cattle behavior. Moving her and her calf afterward can be more disruptive, especially for a heifer. Older cows are more likely to follow you and the calf, especially if you put the calf in a sled or some other conveyance low to the ground so the cow can follow and keep sniffing her calf. She may run back to the birth site to seek her calf, rather than follow you or allow herself to be herded to the barn.

    Make sure the cow has a chance to smell the calf.